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What is the recommended hardware?

We currently support Windows 7 and up.

Hardware requirements:

Studio Starter

  • 2GB RAM Dual Core, 64bit CPU 1.7Ghz, integrated graphics
  • 2GB RAM Dual Core, 32bit CPU 1Ghz, integrated graphics (Note: 32bit software does not allow for stitching – see ‘Support’ for transferring files from one device to another)

Studio Plus

  • Minimum – 6GB of RAM, dual-core 64bit CPU 2GHz, dedicated graphics card.
  • Recommended – 8GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3GHz, dedicated graphics card

Studio Advanced

  • Minimum – 10GB of RAM, Quad-core 64bit CPU 2.3GHz, dedicated graphics card.
  • Recommended – 12GB of RAM, quad-core 64bit CPU, 3Ghz, dedicated graphics card.

We plan on releasing a version of our Studio software for Mac users in Spring 2016.

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