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How do I get the best results when 3D printing a scan in color?

3D printing any scan requires that it has a volume.

You can export your scan, smooth the edges and then provide a defined volume – within our Fuel3D Studio software.

For color printing you may want to brighten the texture of your scan.

This can be accomplished with free software such as Paint.NET (

To do this:

  1. Export your scan as an .OBJ file
  2. Locate the .BMP file that is generated
  3. Open the .BMP in Paint.NET
  4. Select 'Adjustments' from the top toolbar
  5. Select' Brightness/Contrast' from the drop-down menu
  6. Increase the brightness and contrast by around 30%
  7. Export the image as .BMP and overwrite the original image

Following these steps will provide a brighter 3D printed color model.


Above is an example of two color printed models. The model on the right has had color enhancement applied using the above technique.

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