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Mobile package - What is the SCANIFY Mobile Package?

For the ultimate portable scanning set, we recommend the SCANIFY Mobile Package.

Comprising of a SCANIFY device, battery pack, tablet and (free) downloadable 3D printable tablet mount to house all the contents, the Mobile Package removes the need to be tethered to both an electricity outlet and a desktop PC/ laptop. Additional details of the package can be found via the Fuel3D online store.

To complete the SCANIFY Mobile Package, you will need the following three things:

  • A set of SCANIFY specific cables which can be ordered via the Fuel3D online store
  • A portable battery pack which consistently outputs 5V 2A. We’ve tested and would recommend you purchase the 5600 mAH AmazonBasics portable battery pack
  • A tablet PC suitable to run Fuel3D Studio and a 3D printed tablet mount to house all the components - an example of a tablet mount suitable for the above battery pack and the Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet can be found in the online store





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