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How can I transfer raw SCANIFY files from one device and process in other Fuel3D Studio packages?

Users who run Studio software on their tablet (32-bit) will know that the application can only be used to scan, process and view their scans: stitching scans together is not supported due to processing speeds. The 32-bit software has an added export feature that allows the export of raw SCANIFY files to be transferred onto a device running 64-bit software for later post-processing and stitching if required. To export raw SCANIFY files from 32-bit software and reimport into 64-bit software, please use the below 3-step workflow:

  1. From tablet/ 32-bit software, see Projects window on left and click the export project icon.
  2. Save the files to a known location and transfer the ‘f3p’ file extension (via USB device/ jump drive for e.g) to a device running 64-bit software.
  3. From 64-bit software application, see Active Projects window and click the import project icon. Browse file location and import.


At this time, SCANIFY scans cannot be exported from 64bit software, though developments are being made. Please get in touch if you would like an update.


For instructions on how to export STL, OBJ or PLY for use in 3rd party applications or for 3D printing, please visit the SCANIFY user manual here:

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